Finished Gallery Wall

After months of collecting photos, ordering prints off Etsy, and shopping my local antique stores for cool stuff, the gallery wall is finally done!  I’m really happy with it, though it takes some getting used to.  For someone who has lived with blank walls for years, it looks like ordered chaos to me.  I’ve never wanted to hang pictures just to fill space, and so my walls have stayed empty for years while I look for “just the right thing”.   Unfortunately, that also includes pictures of my kids, but that’s my next project!

With this gallery wall, I decided to stick with black frames, with accents of gold or brass.  I wanted to keep it simple but not too modern.  Several of the black and whites are photos  I found in an antique store, that are a collection of photos taken in Europe after World War II.  I don’t even know where they are I just think they are cool.  Then, the “smiling” donkey my husband bought at an art fair, and we like it because it makes us laugh.  Nothing cost over 20-30 dollars, but it looks collected and represents us.