My Obsession with A White House

I love white houses. I always have.  We just returned from a trip to the Boston area in December and went up to Kennebunkport, Maine for a night.  Beautiful historic white houses everywhere…At least half of the houses in this charming little town were white.

With a white church thrown in…

About 6 years ago I pulled a picture of a beautiful white house from a magazine.  We had just built a house, so I didn’t think I would ever get to use it, but when we decided to sell, I knew immediately that this was the house I wanted to build.  When friends have asked me what style my house is, I’m not really sure what to say.  To me, it’s a modern version of French Country.  I love that we were able to set the garage back, so that it feels a little more separate from the house.  It is connected to the house with a mudroom.  I agonized over the windows, white or black, and am so glad I chose black.  They add dimension to the facade and highlight the architecture.  I also went  back and forth on the front door.  I really wanted to do a mustard yellow (and still fantasize about it) but chickened out in the end…  I think the black is pretty classic though.

It is the only white house in my neighborhood.  When we were building and the exterior cladding was going up, my new neighbor said to me, “It’s really white.”  Yes, yes it is…


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